Italians hidden CEMETRY in Holy Makkah are of 4 classes A,B,C,D

The Roman since ancient time care about preparing their death place before they die,their offspring now are no different than them. The Italians do not ignore Angels messages. I left my messages to them in my Instagram the note book account before later I close it. I dedicated a Twitter account just for them called HeroMeHere. Then I moved to Arabic forums & they followed me,now I am in this forum & they followed me here,too, & reading everything silently. The blue dots icons in my participations means they must read.

Italians population are 60 millions,lots of them dying everyday & sent to paradise. They know they are racing time because after I die,War to Free Palestine will start & the world will be in major disorder. But when that happened,almost 1/3rd of Italians have already Rest In Peace in their hidden CEMETRY in Holy Makkah. The second 1/3rd will fight in Palestine,the last 1/3rd bury the martyrs,then die with medicines or apples. In paradise,they rise each other to the top rank D’ORO (GOLDEN) PRIMO (1ST)

JAPANESE are organized like ITALIANS but they are slower than them. Japanese would not move unless they see with their own eyes Italians doing what I said above. They are waiting for long time,while Italians wolves doing their job in secret & will finish before Japanese even start.

That’s why I like Italians better,because they are the fastest to respond to me despite the fact that they are the last people I offer DAWA to them,while Japanese are the first people I started DAWA with but they are slow in responding to me.

I know that NOW Japanese become jealous & feel they were fooled by Italian wolves who do their job in secret

I know Japanese are reading me now because all they do is just following me from place to place in social media & now in Arab forums while Italians in ACTION mode doing the CEMETRY & funeral transference job fast & very organized

My Rest In Peace room is hidden with Italians,I know Japanese dying to know WHERE it is but their detective skills can’t surpass Italian’s.

With Italians,I played the role of ITALIA,so their country becomes a girl,they come to get buried with her. With Japanese,I played the role of BEES QUEEN because they are the WORKING BEES & will not stop working until I die,then they follow me. I told Japanese many times to start the burial & CEMETRY job but they didn’t do anything about it

So it’s obvious the winner of 1st place in paradise race is Italians,while Japanese are 2nd place